Preferred Canadian Casino Player Banking Methode

WalletXpress is an extremely popular online payment solution available to players at a variety of online casinos. This method of payment allows players to deposit and withdraw funds to and from their online casino account. This method offers players a rapid and effective way of moving their funds around.

This popular online e-payment solution is now a favourite method with many players and is widely accepted at a large number of Canadian and US online casinos. This offers players an alternative payment solution to credit and debit cards or prepaid cards and is perfectly secure.

All transactions that are made with through eWalletXpress are protected by secure encryption technology. This means that customers can use this method knowing that all transactions are made in a secure environment and the chances of something going wrong are very slim indeed. The registration process is simple. Players must fill out the online application form and then connect their account to an existing bank account of theirs. This is how players can add funds to their new e-wallet and will mean that they can now start sending these funds to their online casino account, providing this payment solution is actually available at the casino they have signed up to. eWalletXpress customers will tell you that this is a very convenient payment solution and that the transactions are usually instant. Withdrawals from a casino account may take longer, which is the case with most withdrawal solutions anyway, not just eWalletXpress. The entire process is simple, you just follow the on-screen instructions. Almost every e-wallet has the same kind of process when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. There are a growing number of e-wallets that are now available, but eWalletXpress has earned a solid reputation as a trusted payment method and is extremely popular. This company now has millions of registered global customers using their services on a daily basis.

If you are running low on funds and you want to top up, simply visit the cashier section and you can choose eWalletXpress by just clicking in the logo. Once you have entered and then confirmed the amount, you will be redirected to your eWalletXpress account where you must enter your password and then also confirm the amount here. Once you have done this, you will see a mini statement/receipt of the transaction and then you will be taken back to the casino where you started and the funds should already have appeared in your casino balance.

Using eWalletXpress allows you to keep track of all of your previous transactions and any other account activity when you are logged in so you can always manage your own account in a very simple way, which is a common feature with most e-wallets. Transactions can be made at any time of the day, throughout the year so this is an ideal solution for players who sit up throughout the night playing their favourite casino games, wherever they may be situated.